A beneficiary is an external bank account or an account with one of our supported exchanges.

To add a new beneficiary enter the (2) Beneficiaries page on the left menu bar under (1) Account Management.

 Make sure to select the correct account from the dropdown menu on the top left side and click on (3)Add New, fill in the beneficiary account details then click Save.

If you are creating a beneficiary account for one of our supported exchanges, please make sure to click the first checkbox which states; This is a Crypto Capital Account.

You can also add new beneficiary when doing a (2) New Transfer in the (1) Payments tab, click on the (3) Beneficiary List button on the top right corner. 

A new window will open click on Add New, fill in the beneficiary’s account details then click Save & Select.

*** If the Bank Country’s currency is different from the currency of the Account please check the box 

        “This is a foreign currency account”.

*** Please fill out all the information needed so that delays are not incurred.