To transfer funds to a supported Crypto Capital exchange, log in to your Crypto Capital dashboard.

If you created multiple accounts enter your Account Directory on the left menu bar.


Choose the account you wish to send the funds from and click Select on the top left corner.

A larger menu bar will appear on the left side of the screen, click on New Transfer.

Click on the Beneficiary List button to choose the Beneficiary account you would like to send the transfer to and complete the form by taking the following steps:

1. Verifying the currency to be transferred.

2. Entering the Amount you wish to transfer.

3. Type in a “narrative” for your reference.

Then, click Next, a transfer confirmation page will appear for you to verify that all the details are correct, click Confirm to continue (to modify the details just click Back).

You will be taken to the transfers page where you can see the list of all your transfers that are ready and waiting to be sent, check off the box next to the transfer you wish to send, type the “Authorization” Code on the bottom then click Send.


To add a new Beneficiary / Exchange to your list, click on Beneficiary List button on the top right corner, and a new window will open. Click on Add New, fill in the beneficiary account details  - making sure to click on This is a Crypto Capital Account and then click Save & Select.