1. Go to your Crypto Capital Dashboard and click on ‘Payments’ (in the left column)

  1. Click on ‘New Transfer’. 

        *Review the section titled ‘You are transferring from’. This is the account you are transferring money from

        Money will be transferred from this account to a beneficiary (person or company) account. 

  1. To fill in the Beneficiary Details you MUST choose a beneficiary from the your ‘Beneficiary List’. 

  • To add a new Beneficiary to your list, click ‘Add New

  1. You will then be asked to fill out your ‘Account and Other Details’, which includes the ‘Narrative Template’. You can select either of the following:

    • Payout – Select this if you are transferring payment from your corporate account to a third-party account

    • Internal Transfer – Select this if you are making a transfer to a Crypto Capital account (i.e. an Exchange)

    • Treasury Transfer – Select this if you are sending a transfer to an account in your name

    • Other – Select this if it’s neither of the above

  1. When you are done, click ‘Finish